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Vision & Mission

The mission of the Oregon Fire Instructors Association is to facilitate and support cooperative and progressive Fire Service Training and Education.

OFIA Mission:

The mission shall be accomplished by:

  • Promoting instructor growth and development.
  • Encouraging and supporting fire service training and education in Oregon through an organization governed by representatives from each regional training¬†organization in the state.
  • Providing interaction and communications between regional training associations,assisting in organizing new regional training associations, providing an instructor¬†training program pool, providing financial support for schools when needed and approved, receiving and disbursing training grants, and provide a single voice¬†representative of all OFIA members that addresses local, state, and national issues pertaining to fire service training.
  • Encouraging and supporting fire service training that is oriented toward, and designed to; reduce the number of firefighter disabling injuries and line of duty deaths in Oregon.