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  • 'Cardiac calls' to 911 in New York City surge, and they may really be more COVID cases April 9, 2020
    Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, residents of hard-hit New York City have been talking about ambulance sirens and how the wailing never seems to stop. They're not imagining things — but the reality is even grimmer than some may have guessed. A huge number of those ambulances are responding to fatal or near-fatal […]
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29Apr 17

NWCG Training System Assessment and Improvement Project

NWCG 2017 Position Task Book Field Review NWCG Training System Assessment and Improvement Project Now is the time for change! NWCG Training Development Program is working to improve the current training system and we need your help! Imagine a training system where all the information we need to be successful is at our fingertips. Where task books and courses are current, relevant, and engaging.  Where position growth and learning doesn't end at qualification. This is just a snapshot of what the future could be, but we need your help to do it. For more information or to submit comments please…

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